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All the artists we are currently working with as label and/or manager ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Artists: Texte


garage, folk (Brussels, BE)

Alaska Gold Rush is a free folk garage duo from Brussels, Belgium. Inspired by American folk songwriting, the two musicians dust off the genre with an impressive guitar-drums combination.

Booking BE — Julia Camino

Booking FR Coming Sounds


bass music, techno (Liège, BE)

Solo project of drummer Alain Deval. Bothlane is a blend between drums and modular synth, getting its roots in trans and dance music. Bothlane is inspired by techno and trap rythms, and by musical textures. No boundaries, just a unique and vivid way to approach music and sound.

"Il allie la batterie aux synthés modulaires pour une expérience auditive puissante, infusée avec des touches de techno mais aussi de rythmiques afros et jazz." — RTBF

Booking FR —The Link Production

Booking BE — Odessa

Management — Luik Music



nu-jazz (Liège, BE)

This atypical brass band gets its roots in electronic music, abstract hip hop and avant-gardiste jazz. Truly hyperactive, the four multitask musicians became a must see of the belgian musical landscape. With them, acoustic meets electronic (analog synth, fx), freedom and energy embrace a serious groove in their songs composed for three brass players and a drummer.

Management — Luik Music


Folk (Brussels, BE)

Elvin Byrds is Renaud from Alaska Gold Rush, solo. With his guitar only, he embarks us in his poetic reflections.

Booking BE — Julia Camino

Booking FR — Youz Prod



Post-rock (Brussels, BE)

Blending different influences issued from the indie, math-rock and post-hardcore scenes, the band delivers a powerful post-rock mixing atmospheric waves and punchy riffs.

Booking BE — Coppr'art

Label FR — Floral Records

Management — Luik Music


Rock shoegaze (Brussels, BE)

The band focused on sharp guitars turning into shoegaze patches, a groovy bass guitar taking unexpected turns, moody drums giving hugs and slaps, naive vocals and pop melodies putting up a smokescreen on the whole thing.

Booking — Peter Verstraelen Agency

FLOWERS by AnneliesVerhelst 3.jpg


Doom, stoner (Amsterdam, NL)

The stoner/doom band was formed in Amsterdam by vocalist/guitarist Roos Pollmann and drummer Judith van Oostrum. After two years of grinding in underground spaces, working on their music, they decided to bring it to the light and share their music.

Management & Booking BE — Julia Camino

Booking FR — Konsato


Pop folk alternative ( Brussels, BE)

Crossing folk sounds with post-rock and electronic influences, Guilt also marks the end of a 10 year long musical drought that’s been filled with constant questioning, paralyzing perfectionism but a fierce desire to come out of that closet anyway. In one simple word, it aims to embody both a modern and very personal feeling.

Booking BE — Odessa



Noise rock (Liège, BE)

Belgian quartet IT IT ANITA quickly distinguished them- selves by their solid and loud rock, sweaty riffs and throwbacks to the Nineties. In just a few years they’ve gained a foothold in this very exciting alternative rock scene.

Booking BE — Busker Agency

Booking FR — The Link Production

Label FR — Vicious Circle


Garage rock (Lyon, FR)

Johnnie with a "e" Carwash is a trio formed in Lyon, they make explosive and joyful garage rock music.

Booking FR — Cold Fame

Booking BE — Julia Camino

Management — Walk This Way

Label FR — Howlin Banana



Electronica (Liège, BE)

Glitchy electronica x math-rock to vibe and chill

"Nouvelle pépite belge!"
— Moustique


Post-punk (Brussels, Arlon, BE)

"...ce groupe fait comparaitre 50 ans de musique saturée devant un tribunal révolutionnaire."
— Mowno

Booking BE — Julia Camino

Booking FR - Persona Grata

Management — Nicolas Musty

250512040030_27A_LD_credit Mathieu Teissier.jpg

Quentin Sauvé

folk rock (Laval, France)

Quentin Sauvé is a singer-songwriter from Laval, France. Hyperactive since his first steps into music at a very young age, he’s always been a defender of the DIY rock scene as he encompasses all sorts of influences.

The new album "Enjoy The View" is a breathtaking immersive experience. Sadness is hidden in plain sight, radiating beneath minimalist performances.

Management — Julia Camino

Label — Hummus Records, Bright Colors (Birds in Row)

Booking — AFX


drums + synths (Tours, France)

Meule, ça pourrait être la rencontre entre Kraftwerk et King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, la synthèse du garage, de la musique électronique séquencée et de l’imperfection humaine. La guitare et les batteries font face à un mur de synthés modulaires et s’unissent dans une musique hypnotique, parfois sauvage et parfois douce. 

Label FR — Figures Libres

Booking FR — AFX

Booking BE — Coppar'art

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Artists: Texte
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