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Latest release — "charivari"

First album of marcel is now yours! 

“charivari” is the first album by marcel, a post-punk band founded in 2020 that fused together on the E411 highway somewhere between Brussels and Arlon. Mixed by Ben Hampson (producer and mixer of  “The Great Regression” by the English band DITZ), this first album released by Luik Music is a continuation of the aesthetic sketched out on marcel’s 2021 EP. Featuring an unhinged chugging rhythm; an Anglo-Walloon Mr.Loyal-esque voice that grinds its way through Sprechgesang, yé-yé, and pub ditties; guitars in turn chiming, sharp, and dissonant, and chunky, roaring bass riffs… all sprinkled with influences from North Africa (eurovision), the Caribbean (all together – but not too much) and Brazil (bbl).


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Pre-order — "Enjoy The View"

Second album of Quentin Sauvé (Birds in Row), released on Hummus Records (CH) + Bright Colors (Birds in Row) + Luik Music (BE)

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Quentin Sauvé « Reflections »

marcel "playroom"

Filmed and edited by Sofian Hamadaïne-Guest Written by Quentin Sauvé

When 3 weeks ago feels like forever

A long way to go

One day after another

When 10 years ago feels like yesterday

A reflection in my window

Where my hair is gray

When 3 weeks ago feels like forever

It goes way too slow

Thought I had it together

When 10 years ago feels like yesterday

Self-reflection on my sorrow

It’s only fair to fade away

written and directed by Amaury Louis

extra-trained driller taking pain-killers stuck between two buns with black oil extra-trimmed sinner watching lame fillers looking for a blame on the road nice canvas let's make these muscles shine let's crash some castles fucking klein blue on these meadows a hobo said that painting is too grime let's drift away with pristine parrots on christian pillows extra paid actors in ultra-streamed thrillers dying here right below the last level ultra straight spinners doxa-loving widows playin' tricks on jailers on the run very pretty canvas let's make these muscles shine lalalalalala let's put some pastel fucking klein blue on these meadows let's put some charcoal on this dying powhatan lalalalalala let's drift away with christine scott thomas in bangkok huh huhuuhuhu huhuhuhuhu it's no game for me

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