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Fille de Choix #27


VERY excited to introduce this month's "Fille De Choix": Sarah Weber a.k.a DJ Sarasmile! I met her at her sister's wedding in Pittsburgh where she did a brilliant DJ set, and it was an instant crush! Back in NYC a few days later, we went for dinner in Chinatown (one of her favorite hobbies, she says). That evening, I got a glimpse of her incredible personality and her great knowledge of music.

Sarah has a show on KPISS FM called Earthshine with Sarasmile, her episodes tend to gravitate toward '60s soul, '70s R&B, disco, funk, jazz, and Afrobeat, among many other genres. VERY GROOVY. Find all episodes here! She's got a NYU degree in Music Journalism & Photography and has been working for MTV since 12 years. She also studies part-time at the City University of New York's Biography & Memoir master's program with a focus in music biographical work. She hopes that her thesis will be turned into a book someday, and so do I!

Thanks so much Sarah ❤️‍🔥

About KPISS FM — "We are an independent, female-led radio station that is both cooperative and listener-supported (we have a Patreon!). Since the pandemic, our DJs have been broadcasting live from their homes, which has enabled us to expand our DJ crew to beyond NYC - we now have DJs not just across America but also in Canada and abroad!"

It means so much to me to be chosen to create a playlist for Luik Music and Fille de Choix! For these selections, I have chosen some of my all-time favorite women and gender-fluid artists across genres within my preferred eras (the 1960s through 1980s). I hope you enjoy it!
I feel very fortunate to be a female DJ in NYC because we not only have a very strong DJ culture here, we also have a lot of women and nonbinary DJs active in our city's scene. DJs such as Barbie Bertisch, Eweck, Misshap Selam. Ruby of KPISS' Ruby Fruit Jungle, Raven of KPISS' Extra Anchovies, Margaret of KPISS' No Pussyfooting, KPISS' station manager and fellow DJ, Sheri Barclay, and so many more make the community not only so rich with their talents but also their support. I have wanted to be a DJ since I was a teenager, but unfortunately I missed my chance at being able to participate in my college's radio station (WNYU). Since then, I kept collecting records and compiling music playlists, hoping for another chance. And near the start of the pandemic, it came! Raven of Extra Anchovies reached out to me to ask if I'd like to join KPISS - I recently celebrated my 100th episode, and it has been a true highlight of my life these past two years. I recently DJed my younger sister's wedding, which was an absolute dream, and my new goal is to be able to start DJing live vinyl nights at bar venues here in NYC. One of the many things I have learned through these experiences and meeting other DJs is that women and nonbinary artists are so gifted in forming and finding communities, particularly DIY communities here in NYC. Find your community, and lift one another up as you climb! Social media has also helped demystify a lot of these otherwise-insular spaces - YouTube tutorials, blog posts, and message boards like Reddit helped me learn my equipment and gain confidence in knowing how to utilize my setup. Don't be afraid to reach out to artists or DJs you admire and ask questions - I have found folks are excited to collaborate and encourage one another. One other part of the DJ experience I believe strongly in is using our platforms thoughtfully and for advocacy. DJing in America originated within the Black and Latinx communities, particularly their LGBTQ+ communities - Fille de Choix and other platforms are doing such great work in highlighting artists within these intersections, and I am thrilled to present some of my favorite tunes to honor a diverse group of female and nonbinary artists!


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